Test and inspection

Machining activity:

• 4 three-dimensional, networked inspection stations (up to 2600 × 1300 × 1300 mm) available on the various sites

• the installed base of over 2000 measuring instruments is managed in a computerised system.

• Air-conditioned rooms

• Endoscopy, pressure tests
• profile projectors
• hardness testers
• rugotest surface comparatorscontrole-106
• standard apparatus (digital caliper gauges, micrometers, smooth and threaded gauge plugs, standard rings, surface comparators, etc.)


Assembly and welding activity:

• FARO measurement arm (6 axes, spherical working diameter 3 m)

• Integrity tests (water, air, helium)

• Ultrasound, penetrant, magnetic particle testing, pressure tests

• Granite surface block (Master workshop)controle2-46
• polisher (for destructive testing)
• Standard apparatus (caliper gauges, rules, set squares, etc.)


Paintwork activity:

• Viscosity testing (flow measurement)
• Moist film thickness testing (comb)
• Dry film thickness testing (magnetic induction)
• Glossmeter (measurement of specular gloss)
• Adhesion testing (with cross-cutting comb)
• Coating hardness testing (pencil hardness method)


Custom services:

• Polishing

• Magnetic particle testing with operators COFREND I & II

• Ultrasonic inspection

• Endoscopy

• Integrity tests (water, air, helium)

• Pressure test under certification SVTI – ASME – DRIRE

• Specific assemblies

• Assembly by fitting

• Copper Spray (electrical contact)

• Nitrogen gas sealing