Machining in medium and large production runs


The Jousseau Group guarantees optimal precision (up to level 6) for all types of machining work.
Its specialised production site (JMP) offer high capacity (up to three 8-hour shifts) and have powerful, modern and upgradeable machines at their disposal.


usinage-mgs-2Technical challenges:

Highly industrial machining on machining centres for parts up to 1850 mm

Available expertise:
• 18 horizontal and vertical machining centres
(1850 x 1850 x 1250 – 5 tonnes) whose 4 versatile lines

• 2 three-dimensional, networked inspection stations (up to 2600 × 1300 × 1300 mm)
available on the various sites

• The installed base of over 2000 measuring instruments is managed in a computerised system.

• Air-conditioned rooms

• Endoscopy, pressure tests, etc.