Machining in small and medium production runs


usinage-pms-JIM-13The Jousseau Group’s expertise extends to all types of machining of mechanical parts (cast and forged parts, welded assemblies, and so on) in small and medium production runs. Its machines can cope with parts measuring up to 2800 × 2800 × 2100 mm and weighing 13 tonnes, in any metal, with guaranteed precision up to quality level 6.
Its three specialised production sites (JIM, JMA et JMM) offer high capacity (up to threeusinage-pms-JIM-8 8-hour shifts) and have powerful, modern and upgradeable machines at their disposal.


Technical challenges:

Small and medium series machining runs on machining and turning centres, up to 2800 mm


Available expertise:
• Milling, boring, horizontal and vertical drilling

• Horizontal and vertical turning

• Surface grinding (2 m circular work surface)


Inspection resources:
• 3 three-dimensional measurement machine (jusqu’à 2540×1524 x1524)  in network
• Management of measuring instrum
• Air-conditioned control rooms
• Integrity tests (water, air, helium)