In its commitment to pursue technical excellence to the finish, the Jousseau Group proposes a controlled, competitive and comprehensive solution for painting the parts produced.
This is the speciality of the JMS site, which has two automated paintwork lines at its disposal.


Technical challenges

Develop all liquid paints, from glyptal to water-soluble, to complement the machining service


Available expertise
• Painting of even the largest parts (12 m × 4.50 m cabin, 6.3 tonne travelling crane)

• Water-soluble, epoxy, polyurethane, glycerophthalic and zinc paints.
• Degreasing and phosphate treatment
• Shot blasting of large parts (6 m x 4 m shot-blasting booth)


• Viscosity

• Thickness

• Gloss

• Adhesion

• Hardness of coverings, etc.