Quality, a cornerstone in the strategy
The Group has placed an ambitious and demanding quality policy at the heart of its strategy, and applies it daily

in order to achieve savings. Its ISO 9001 certified management system is based on good business practices,

mutual confidence, compliance with instructions, staff versatility and skills, and is applied using proven methods

(6 Sigma, lean manufacturing, etc.). Each decision is taken on the basis of pragmatic analysis, enlightened

by the following strategic pillars.




Quality department organisational chart

The Quality Control Department comprises a Quality Manager and a number of staff on each site who liaise with SAS JOUSSEAU.

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We can:

– manage the traceability of a part or batch of parts from receipt (blanks) to shipping (machined parts, painted parts, etc.)
– manage the traceability of a parts inventory and assign it to customer orders (by unit or by batch)
– engrave traceability data on parts
– provide the customer with a quality record with CCPUs (materials certificates), CCUs (traceability certificates for part numbers from blanks), reports on dimensional and hardness checks, non-destructive testing, paint, etc.


ISO 9001

Certifications and qualifications

• ISO 9001:2008 : see the certificate

• EN 15085 : see the certificate

• EN 9100 : see the certificate

• OHSAS 18001

• Caterpillar

 • Custumers certifications

• International Welding Specialist (IWS) EN 719 qualifications

• NF EN 287.1 approved welders

• COFREND II penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing qualifications

• Welding procedure qualifications
• Painting certification CARC