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The whole of the Group has been OHSAS 18001 certified since 2006. The aim of the Health and Safety at Work management system, which is integral at every level of organisation, is to improve risk management in order to reduce the number of accidents, to comply with legislation and improve our performance.
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Our aim is not just to have a Safety Management System for complying with the statutory and regulatory prescriptions, but to have a site Health & Safety policy which is fully in line with the Jousseau Group’s Sustainable Development policy, based on:
– targets: to reduce the number and severity of industrial accidents,
?- training/awareness: training, awareness and involvement of all employees in their own safety and the safety of their colleagues from the moment they join the Group.
?- prevention: by studying, as from the design phase, the manufacturing processes and the dangers and risks to the health and safety of people, including the choice of production equipment.?
– measuring: constantly measuring the results and progress achieved through, for example, the severity rates and frequency of industrial accidents.?
– continuous improvement: by involving people in the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) drive for progress.




The Jousseau Group is particularly aware of environmental issues, whether internal or external. The well-being of employees and the environment are matters of ongoing concern.

Working conditions are optimised in relation to the constraints of our business.
The sorting and reduction of our waste is taken into consideration in the investment in equipment such as:
– an oil-treatment unit, operating in a closed circuit, separates unwanted oils from cutting fluids. This equipment improves working conditions and reduces waste to be recycled by about 80%.
– a machine for recycling all solvents.