A family-owned group


From past…
The story starts in 1966, when Marc Jousseau set up a company specialised in welded assemblies.
…to present
Driven by a dynamic and quality-focussed approach to technical, productive and relational challenges, the family-owned Jousseau group has developed its know-how and honed its capabilities in machining of precision mechanical parts. It offers an extensive range of additional services and activities to meet the needs of a broad customer base that includes major industrial groups.

The Jousseau family takes a hands-on approach to management, placing dependability and responsibility at the heart of the Group’s vision. The highly stable workforce and loyal customer base, together with the independence afforded by a sound financial footing, ensure the Group’s long-term sustainability, strategic independence and investment capacities.

The Jousseau Group is organised in a way that provides the best support for its five production subsidiaries:


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Industrial commitment


The Jousseau Group’s industrial commitment is based on four cornerstones that require daily rigorous management through shared trust, compliance with the regulations of an ISO 9001 Quality and OHSAS 18001 Safety system and consolidated by the application of a policy of suitable training, ensuring the versatility and competence of its personnel.

– Conformity through its quality policy,?

– Productivity through an investment policy, ?

– Flexibility, with machinery that exceeds requirements, intensive training of personnel and the use of continuous improvement tools such as 6 Sigma, Lean manufacturing, FMECAs, etc.

– Responsiveness, through the mindset of each employee.


Development strategy

The Jousseau Group maintains controlled internal growth, and seizes certain opportunities for external growth when they are in line with its development strategy. This approach has enabled it to extend its manufacturing capacity, initially at the original site in Viré, then through the succession of new companies and takeovers. The business has developed around several specialised, complementary production sites.